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    Registration for the 2016 Minor Football Season is now OPEN!

    When:   June 16: 6:30-8:00pm

                   June 25:11:00-1:00pm


    Where: Kinsmen Hall, 50 Corinthia Dr, Leduc, AB


    We are still taking regular season registration at all levels.


    Novice(Flag) 6-8 year olds
    Registration: $150.00
    Fundraising: $200


    Atom age 8-10 (as of December 31 2016) 8 years old is at the discretion on the coach and may be moved to the flag level

    Peewee age 11-12 (as of December 31, 2016)

    Bantam age 13-15 (as of December 31, 2016 and not entering grade 10 in the fall of 2016)

    Registration fee is $400.

    Please ensure you have the registration fee (payment schedule can be made with the registrars), a fundraising fee of $200 ( will be paid up front and earned back, costing you $0 in the end), an equipment deposit cheque of $300 dated November 30, 2016 (not cashed if all equipment is returned cleaned and unaltered)  3 Volunteer cheques dated June 30, 2016, August 30, 2016 and September 30, 2016 (not cashed if all duties are completed). 

    These deposits are a must before equipment can be handed out to the player, so order cheques now! 

    Please feel free to email the registrar or the president with any questions or concerns you may have.





    Want to join our amazing group of LDMFA volunteers?

    ·         Our Novice team is needing coaching staff for the upcoming season.

    ·         Contact for more information


    Find out what is new and exciting for the CATS teams.

    We welcome the parents to Become a Member to help us get email communications to you quickly. As we are building, adding and adjusting to the website we encourage all members who have ideas and pictures to please contact the president.

    Weather Protocol

    Inclement Weather Policy

    In the event of an inclement weather forecast, or should existing weather conditions jeopardize practice integrity and player safety, the head coach and/or the team director will notify the player’s registered contact person by 5:00 pm of the practice day.

    Notification will be made to the contact person listed on the player’s registration form via text and/or email.


    Lightning Policy

    On field lightning sighting

    1)      If lightning has been sighted during practice, a joint decision between coach and trainer will be made to clear the field.

    2)      Should this occur, the ALL PLAYERS WILL REMAIN in a vehicle or designated safe area as determined by the coach and/or trainer for 30 minutes. After this time has elapsed, the coach and trainer will reassess the conditions to determine whether the practice will either resume or be cancelled.

    3)      Should the practice be cancelled, notification of the cancelation will be made to the contact person listed on the player’s registration form via text and/or email.




    LDMFA would like you to join us for this 2016 football season!


    Come be a part of minor football in Leduc and District. Invitation includes*:


    ·        $50.00 registration fee (savings of $350.00)

    ·        Waived all Fundraising cheques **

    ·        Fully-refundable equipment deposit fee $300.00


    * upon valid proof of Fort Mac Murray residency

    ** volunteering opportunities to support the teams is encouraged

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