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    AGM Meeting

    Hello to All Members of the Association,
    The annual LDMFA AGM will be held on Thursday, Oct.27th at  6:30 pm sharp in the Kin Hall.  Every person in attendance will receive a ballot to enter for free registration for next year. If you have any proposed amendments to the current bylaws, please be advised they need to be submitted to the President, Pam Giesbrecht (, by Oct.20th, to make the agenda.  There will be no changes or addition to the Bylaws at the AGM due to time constraints.
    We are looking for specific executive positions to be filled for this upcoming year, but please be aware that all positions are open and available if you are interested.  See below for attachment with descriptions.
    Vacant Executive Positions:
    Atom Director
    Peewee Director
    Fundraising Coordinator 
    Fundraising Coordinator Assistant
    Media and Communications Representative
    Web Master (not a voting member, not required to attend monthly meetings)
    If you have any questions regarding the AGM or positions please contact: 
    Pam Giesbrecht



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    We welcome the parents to Become a Member to help us get email communications to you quickly. As we are building, adding and adjusting to the website we encourage all members who have ideas and pictures to please contact the president.

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    Weather Protocol

    Inclement Weather Policy

    In the event of an inclement weather forecast, or should existing weather conditions jeopardize practice integrity and player safety, the head coach and/or the team director will notify the player’s registered contact person by 5:00 pm of the practice day.

    Notification will be made to the contact person listed on the player’s registration form via text and/or email.


    Lightning Policy

    On field lightning sighting

    1)      If lightning has been sighted during practice, a joint decision between coach and trainer will be made to clear the field.

    2)      Should this occur, the ALL PLAYERS WILL REMAIN in a vehicle or designated safe area as determined by the coach and/or trainer for 30 minutes. After this time has elapsed, the coach and trainer will reassess the conditions to determine whether the practice will either resume or be cancelled.

    3)      Should the practice be cancelled, notification of the cancelation will be made to the contact person listed on the player’s registration form via text and/or email.

    Bantam Midget Winter Camp Special Thanks To The Wild Cats